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Is the Shift Toward Programmatic CTV Really Inevitable?

We feel obligated to disclose that Chat GPT, the conventional wisdom machine, disagrees with our viewpoint in this article. By scouring the troves of Internet data (probably the best definition of consensus we have today), it has decided that programmatic advertising is highly suitable for the connected TV medium.

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Metaverse, Blockchain and NFTs: The 2022 Coming Out Party has Begun

It was about 20 years ago that some crazy company purchased the hotels.com domain for a whopping $11 million. Many observers called it ridiculous because what were you actually getting? It’s just a web page. It’s virtual. It’s not “real”. It turned out to be a pretty good investment.

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Sabio: Connected TV Powered by Mobile Data

Explosive growth in adtech during the 2000s led to major consolidation during the 2007-2012 period. The tech giants (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) took over programmatic adtech and left scraps for the remaining independents.

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Wishpond: Operational Excellence in the World of Marketing Technology

Wishpond checks all the boxes for what we look for in an investment. As always, it begins with management. A few of the adjectives that come to mind – pragmatic, disciplined, operationally meticulous. The team, lead by CEO, Ali Tajsekandar, is not an overnight success. They took the long road to success by investing carefully on their way to $7 million in revenue and profitability.

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Opera Event: Solving the Problems in Influencer Marketing

An Antera Investment

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PopReach: Different Approach to Game Publishing

An Antera Investment

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eSports - The Next Major Sports League

It took over 40 years for the most popular sports league in the US, the NFL, to add 80 million viewers. eSports is adding the same number of viewers every 3 years or so. The NFL was hampered by the number of television sets in circulation and by regional borders. eSports is not constrained. It’s a global play accessible by anyone with an Internet connection.

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Boutique Merchant Bank & Trusted Business Advisory

Antera is a boutique merchant bank made up of entrepreneurs, business managers and capital market specialists who are ready to provide more than just capital to help accelerate growth for our portfolio companies and clients.


Fuel to Accelerate Growth

We invest in companies with potential for substantial growth requiring financing in the range of $500K to $10M.

Plus bring decades of experience in building businesses. We make this experience and our vast global relationship network available to our investee companies to help execute their business plans and maximize value for all stakeholders. Our focus includes the Technology industry with keen interest in companies leveraging emerging technologies.


Capital Done Right

We work with our investee companies to structure the right deal for their business and often become the lead investor. We then bring in the right partners for smart capital that is often accompanied by access to strategic resources.

We will help in developing the structure of the financing to ensure right amount of capital is raised with the optimal structure. We work with our clients to understand their business, challenge and model all assumptions and scenarios, and develop the capital plan and the financing strategy. Our investment is not a one-time event. We are there for the longer term, taking the lead in future financings or working with our investee companies to assess all options available for an exit such as going public (IPO/RTO), or sale of the business.


Proven Business Advice

Our team members consist of individuals who have started companies, scaled operations, managed global enterprises, raised capital, bought and sold businesses and provided corporate advisory services to small to large businesses.

Along the way we have built a vast and deep network of relationships around the globe. We leverage this experience and relationships to help our clients execute their business plans. Our advisory services include:

Corporate Advisory/ M&A

  • M&A Strategy/Strategic Option Development
  • Sell-Side and Buy Side M&A

Market Development/Joint Ventures

  • Market Entry/Go-to Market Strategy & Partnerships
  • Negotiating & Structuring Joint Ventures

Capital Markets Advisory

  • Go Public Strategy & Execution
  • Non-deal Road Shows
  • Institutional Investor and Analyst Introductions
  • Shareholder Communications Strategy

Business & Corporate Development

  • Business Development and Strategic Account Management
  • Channel Partner Identification & Deal Negotiation
  • Technology/IP Licensing
  • Strategic Supplier Identification and Deal Negotiation

Global Reach

Antera has built an extensive global network of trusted relationships to help provide access to global markets for our clients.

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